Escaperoom Software

What Escaperoom Software can do for you!

Escaperoom Software can help escaperoom owners and builders in a number of ways.

What you can do with Escaperoom Software

For starters, Escaperoom Software displays a countdown timer on in-room screen(s).
In this way your players know how much time is left in the game.
But you can do so much more!

An example of a room that has just started, including the game master control panel.

The game master, responsible for running the game, has a special control panel.
From here they can manage the room, send messages and manually run special events.
When timed events are triggered, or players in the room press a touchscreen button, the results are shown in on the screen.

How to Use Escaperoom Software

Escaperoom Software is a tool that is used by three types of users.

Supported Features

Escaperoom Software supports a huge amount of features. Your creativity is the limit!

Basic Features

Customization Features

Advanced Features